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Our mission is to contribute to the development of the local economy promoting the yet still mostly undiscovered richness of Macua culture and the extraordinary beauty and historical richness of Ilha de Mocambique and its surrounding areas.

Our goal is to favour a form of tourism that is self aware, sustainable and respectfully integrated into the cultural and social environment. A tourism capable of enriching the territory both economically and culturally through an equitable exchange with travellers.





Genito aka Harry potter is an guide of Mozambique Island and sea side since 10 years and since 2008 he is official UNESCO guide. He speaks english, portugues, spanish, italian and french.
All his boat trips and guided visits of Mozambique Island are enriched by hystorical informations and exclusive details about Macua culture and its lifestyle.
He is an excellent typical chef and a very friendly, funny and careful guide motivated by the love for his country and its traditions.

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